Kiln Sticks

Kiln Drying is still the most widely used method for seasoning and drying high volumes of lumber to a specific moisture content for use in the construction and building industry. Lumber is dried in a kiln by manipulating the temperature and humidity of the air surrounding the lumber generally lowering the moisture content of the wood to the optimum 14 to 19% level appropriate for building. Proper stacking of lumber with kiln sticks is essential for efficient and even kiln drying. 

DSL Mills is a major supplier of precisely manufactured kiln sticks or spacers used to space out lumber uniformly during the kiln drying process. Our kiln sticks meet high standards for uniformity, durability and moisture content ensuring load stability and even drying of lumber. We supply kiln stickers or stickers to several large lumber mills in Northern BC including Abitibi, Canfor, West Fraser and Tolko.

Kiln Sticks Specifications

1 x 2 x any length to 6 feet
1 x 3 x any length to 8 feet
1 x 4 x any length to 8 feet

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