Dunnage is wood that is used on the bottom of lifts of lumber to protect the lumber from moisture, contamination and mechanical damage. Attached dunnage is usually sized from 2 x 3 and 2 x 4 and in lengths to 48". A recent ruling requires all attached dunnage to be certified as heat treated and stamped accordingly.

Dunnage is also the term used to describe wood that is used to support lifts of lumber to keep them clear of the ground and or carts or trucks on which they are placed. This dunnage is not required to be heat treated and comes in various sizes up to 6 x 6. It is normally taken from a low grade of lumber.

Dunnage Specifications:

2 x 3 x R/L
2 x 4 x R/L
3 x 3 x R/L
3 x 4 x R/L
4 x 4 x R/L
4 x 6 x R/L
6 x 6 x R/L

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